The Secret 5K

On August 26th you are invited to Levels Secret 5K here in Willard! This event will be a fun community event that welcomes both runners and walkers! The reason it is named The Secret 5K? Well, you have to come and find out! I will say a very special announcement will be revealed before the race starts! Proceeds from this event will go to benefit local families that need financial assistance. Make sure you get signed up before August 18th to receive a T shirt. Also on that day, we will have an open house at the gym with free classes, massages and health screenings! So it would be a great day to check out Levels!

***Pick up your registration packet and shirt (if included) before the event at 7:30AM at the gym. For those who are not guarenteed a shirt, please pick up your packet before the event and check with the registration table after the event to see if there are extra shirts available. 

April Special Deals

We are now accepting new members and waiving the joining fee! If you are looking to join come on in! This is for all past members looking to make a return too! We will be having free beginner classes soon to get more people started (more on that later).

Bring A Friend Golden Ticket

Greetings to you the lucky finder of this golden ticket!

I shake you warmly by the hand, for now I do invite you to come to my gym and be my guest for one whole day of adventure. I, Bruce Tanner, will conduct you around Levels myself, showing you every wonder there is to see! So, please bring your golden ticket and visit me. 

Pick up a golden ticket for your friend at the front desk in Willard. 

Plymouth Re-Opening

I opened Levels here in Plymouth in 2010. I worked on it for basically 2 years before that. During that time I went broke from remodeling, went crazy from all the time spent on it, heck at one point we even got shut down by the building department lol. It seemed like an impossible dream to get this place open. I can say though it was the best decision I have ever made in my life; all the relationships that have been created all the lives I have seen change and really just too many good times to even count. So here we are January 9th the remodeling is complete and we are ready to open back up! I hope everyone loves it and I really hope everyone from Plymouth gets up here to use the place! Not just Plymouth but really all the surrounding towns! A lady stopped in to Willard Levels the other day and inquired about joining. She was hesitant though because she said she had been a member of 2 other gyms out of state that closed down and she didn't want that to happen again. She then asked if I was serious about owning a gym ...... I was blown away! I was like heck yeah I am are you freaking kidding me????? Lol this place is my baby and it's basically what I do with all my free time! So the reason I shared that conversation is I am beyond committed to this and I want people that are thinking about joining to know that. Thank you to everyone that supports this place this remodel couldn't have been done without your support! - Bruce

$100 Off Special

$100 off annual Christmas New Years special starts now at Levels! Due to how many new members we have gotten over the past year we are only accepting 100 new AND returning members once we reach that we will be closing enrollment until at least spring time. I love owning a gym and trying to help people and to be better able to do that I am not going to over crowd the gym. I hope everyone understands, if you are currently a member I know you do.That's what makes this place isis being able to get attention if you need it. I'm happy making a living and keeping my life simple that is another reason I have chosen to do this to make sure my mental game is focused on the people that come here and to not exhaust myself and turn this into a job. If you miss the cut off the area has numerous other gyms that would love to have you. If you are serious and committed though we want you here at Levels!

Plymouth Remodel

Plymouth Remodel

Levels in Plymouth will be closed for remodeling starting Saturday December 3rd. It will reopen January 2nd! I opened the Plymouth Levels in August 2010 after basically 2 years of construction. People told me it was never going to work; the town was too small and wouldn't support it. It turns out all those people were wrong. They were thinking all business and not with their heart. Meanwhile I poured my heart and soul into this place and so did many others, they loved it. I learned if you truly love something it will work. Here we are in 2016 Plymouth is not as busy due to the Willard location opening and honestly it would have been easy to close Plymouth and just concentrate efforts in Willard. I don't really believe in giving up though and I'm patient. Instead, let's close Plymouth down and make it awesome! Plymouth you are going to have a pretty cool gym coming your way so get excited!

Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween Costume Contest

We will be having our third annual Trick or Treat costume contest on October 31th from 6-7pm here at Plymouth Levels! This will take place during Trick or Treat hours here in Plymouth. All you have to do is stop by Levels and have your little princess or ghost get their picture taken. We will then post all of the contestants on our Facebook page. Whatever contestants picture gets the most likes wins a $50 Toys R US gift card! We will be passing out a ton of candy and maybe even a few more surprises so make sure to bring your kids to our Trick or Treat costume contest! Who will win?????

Springtime 5K

Levels is hosting its first Spring 5K in Willard!!!   All are welcome to this family-oriented 5k, from walkers to runners, all ages, and even dogs :) The cost to enter is $20 and you will be guaranteed a T-Shirt if you sign up before May 8th at midnight.

Our goal is to get the community together do something fun and help to get the community active!  All monies raised will be divided up for people that need financial help in the surrounding communities.  Whether they have lost their job, have had a death or sickness in the family, or whatever they are wrestling with, we want to reach out to them. While it is impossible for us to financially help everyone, we will help as many as possible.  If you know an individual or a family in need, please submit an email to as well as provide their address so we can send gift cards or money.

We don't have much time to get the word out about this event, so help us share it and get some friends to come participate.

You can also sign up the day of but you will not be guaranteed a T-Shirt and the cost goes up to $25 that day. The starting point will be the Willard Levels the race will start at 9 a.m.!