Levels in Plymouth will be closed for remodeling starting Saturday December 3rd. It will reopen January 2nd! I opened the Plymouth Levels in August 2010 after basically 2 years of construction. People told me it was never going to work; the town was too small and wouldn't support it. It turns out all those people were wrong. They were thinking all business and not with their heart. Meanwhile I poured my heart and soul into this place and so did many others, they loved it. I learned if you truly love something it will work. Here we are in 2016 Plymouth is not as busy due to the Willard location opening and honestly it would have been easy to close Plymouth and just concentrate efforts in Willard. I don't really believe in giving up though and I'm patient. Instead, let's close Plymouth down and make it awesome! Plymouth you are going to have a pretty cool gym coming your way so get excited!