I opened Levels here in Plymouth in 2010. I worked on it for basically 2 years before that. During that time I went broke from remodeling, went crazy from all the time spent on it, heck at one point we even got shut down by the building department lol. It seemed like an impossible dream to get this place open. I can say though it was the best decision I have ever made in my life; all the relationships that have been created all the lives I have seen change and really just too many good times to even count. So here we are January 9th the remodeling is complete and we are ready to open back up! I hope everyone loves it and I really hope everyone from Plymouth gets up here to use the place! Not just Plymouth but really all the surrounding towns! A lady stopped in to Willard Levels the other day and inquired about joining. She was hesitant though because she said she had been a member of 2 other gyms out of state that closed down and she didn't want that to happen again. She then asked if I was serious about owning a gym ...... I was blown away! I was like heck yeah I am are you freaking kidding me????? Lol this place is my baby and it's basically what I do with all my free time! So the reason I shared that conversation is I am beyond committed to this and I want people that are thinking about joining to know that. Thank you to everyone that supports this place this remodel couldn't have been done without your support! - Bruce